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Great Customer service
donald matthews, 2015-01-02 13:21:33
Was helping my son order a new Motherboard for his build. About an hour after placing the order for the new motherboard my son came into the room asking if we could stop the order. When I asked why, my son informed me he had ordered the wrong board for his computer (Intel vs AMD) or something like that. It was 10pm at night so the following morning I contacted a Customer Service Rep. After explaining what had occurred the Rep was able to look up and because the order had not filled yet was able to cancel the transaction. I was expecting the old fashion runaround and 100 questions, none of that. I was on hold waiting for a rep longer than the actual phone call with the rep. In a time where customer service seems a thing of the past, all I can say is thank you and you will receive further business from me and my son. Keep up the good work and I wish other companies had the Customer Service Professionals your company has.
Amazing customer service
Anonymous, 2014-12-23 15:30:01
I had credit card issues with my first purchase, but Superbiiz called me and helped me resolve the problems. They shipped my first product extremely quickly and it arrived from across the country in a few days. I was confident in making a second purchase here, and I already have "released for distribution" after just placing the order yesterday. Huge props to the entire Superbiiz team for making computer shopping easy and reliable.
Had a great experience with Superbiiz, thanks Ivy!
Max Folsom, 2014-12-18 17:08:00
I would like to commend Ms. Ivy Xu for working with me to correct a mistake that I made on my recent order. I had not ever heard of your company before, but I will not hesitate to do business with you again! Thanks.
Refund after negative review
Mitchel Constantin, 2014-12-15 12:31:58
After leaving a review well after the 30 day RMA period for a flash drive that had arrived DOA, I was refunded for the price of the drive. I didn't even both contacting support because I assumed I was out of luck since it was outside of the 30 day period, but I was refunded the cost of the DOA flash drive without even asking! I've never had that level of commitment to customer service from an online retailer before! I look forward to dealing with SuperBiiz in the future.
Super fast!
Jared Knapp, 2014-12-10 16:55:09
Ordered a GTX 970 from SuperBiiz. Not only did it ship faster than other hardware sites, but SuperBiiz was the only one who had the card I wanted in stock AND for $10 less. Playing the promo game that came FREE with my purchase. SuperBiiz will be my first stop next time I'm looking to upgrade.
Jessie Dai helped me a lot.
Alexander Boldt, 2014-12-03 15:57:13
After Jessie Dai told me that the EVGA GTX 970 was out of stock, she quickly and efficiently helped me split up my order into two orders with different shipping addresses, and everything went perfectly! Thanks, Jessie!
Super Talent 64GB Pico USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Delta-V, 2014-11-21 12:10:10
Pricing and delivery are great, but this is the slowest USB3 flash drive I've ever seen. Using Windows 7 Pro x64 and a USB3 port transfer to the Pic0 averaged 34.6 MB/s for 9 files totaling a little over 11GB. That's almost as slow as USB2. Buy it for its sleek case and convenient size not for its speed.
A new favorite....
Dean Jensen, 2014-11-07 17:00:06
I started shopping on Superbiiz not to long ago. Since then, I have made a few purchases and all of those have went off without a hitch. A product I ordered was delayed and someone from Superbiiz gave me the option to cancel or continue with the order. After I responded, i received a reply quicker than expected. While this is their job, this generally does not happen this day and age. A "good job" to the staff at Superbiiz as they have gained a new customer.
on time
david c., 2014-10-27 17:58:42
Received my asrock am3+ motherboard today after work. on time and in good working order. price and service were great as usual, which is why i've been a customer since 2010.
Amazing shpiing
Jason Lund, 2014-10-10 14:05:44
I placed the order on a Thursday morning around 5:30 am and received the product at 11:11 am the following day. No special shipping charges all. How is that even possible!? Great experience..something that has definitely encouraged me to keep doing business with SuperBiiz. Thank you for the experience.
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