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1U Server Builder  
1U value Appliance in Mini-ITX
Gooxi AS101-S02SIL
SuperMicro 4HDD Kaby Lake 1U Server
SMC 1U 400W Efficient Racks
Super Mini Appliance station. This can be discretely left in the most discriminate places for optimal operations.

- mini ITX
- 2.5"
Gooxi AS101 series of Xeon servers handles virtualization as well as other OS operating environments for the minimal budget minded projects. This great price to point entry includes hardware RAID and IPMI 2.0 LAN and KVM over LAN support BMC.

- E3-1200 Series V3 or V4
- 32 to 64 ECC unbuffered Max
This Kaby Lake server targets data and file hosting as well as File/Print and cloud tasks. SuperMicro 5019SM2 handles basic tasks with ease offloading tasks from other servers.


- Kaby Lake 1151 Xeon Processors
- Non-ECC, Unbuffered DDR4 Memory
- 4 Hot-swap 3.5" Drive Bays
SuperMicro 1U 400 watt very efficient compact servers. Effectively price to fit any budget for basic to mid level tasks.

- Redundant Power
- 2.5" (2) inside drives
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SuperMicro 1U Effective Rack Basic
Supermicro 5018 1U Efficient
Supermicro 1U 4HDD SAS AMD G34
Gooxi SY103-S06R
Powerful uniproc footprint highly effective micro server with minimal options on space with storage. Start with minimally budgeted projects here before data requirements. useful to compile with limits.

- No Paint
- short depth; front loading
Supermicro 5018 series are highly efficient and flexible space saving servers suitable for smaller grouped task and automation. Whether your redesigning a exchange server or framework calls for factory automation this series will do nicely.

- Short Depth
- Xeon D | Atom SOC
Supermicro optional Redundant AMD G34 cloud and VMware systems are virtual system noteworthy. They can pack the lastest SAS3 for maximum bandwidth.

- SAS 3.5
Gooxi high density 1U server with 3 swappable nodes utilizing an enterprise kernal OS. With 1+1 redundancy and hot swappable nodes you will never go down with migration and backup.

- 500 watt Zippy 1+1
- 3 node swap
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