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1U Server Builder  
AMD Opteron A+ SuperSlim Systems
Short SuperSlim Appliance E3-1200
Super XBlade Two Node 2011 V3
SuperSlim Enterprise Server 2011V3
AMD Opteron 6000 series cpu in a slim server capable with SAS and 2.5" SSD optional up to 4x HDD in a 350W Gold power efficient chassis. These A+ servers features the SuperMicro H8 Motherboards especially designed for the optimized class of G34 chips targeting HPC, Cloud, and visualized storage.

- 4x HDD
- DVD Optional
- 2.5" SSD storage Optional
Designed for outstanding performance and rock-solid reliability, our Intel Xeon Haswell 1U Servers support the latest Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 Quad-Core processors, up to four DDR3-1600 ECC DIMMs, and up to four 3.5" SATA3 HDDs. These short depth appliances has many functional use for lots of smaller tasks.

- 4x 3.5" SATA 3
- up to 32GB ECC unbuffered
The SuperBlade features full optimization for a wide variety of mission critical applications and compute intensive operations. Use the Blade to rapidly deploy several advanced operations such as Blade Server, Data Center, and Workstation and Office Blade.

- two node
- Blade Series
This extremely feature functional compact 1U servers serves varying low demanding tasks for any accompanying startup or host with demands to offset. Its very petite and nimble size means it can serve in very tight smaller areas where space is constraint. Single cpu server means such projects as mail exchange server or security appliances

- Rails
- 350 PSU
- IPMI and KVM with Lan
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1U Superserver 1027R Systems
Superserver 1U D-1540 Appliance
Intel Haswell-EP V3 SuperServer 1U
1U Super Optimized 4HDD
Superserver optimize for high performance processing ideal for networking infrastructure on enterprise networks. High density 1U great for cluster server systems computer intensive with storage capable options.

- 8 Hot Swap SATA/SAS
- 700W / 750W PSU Gold
This Superserver 1U has the newest applied xeon D-1540 included featuring 8 cores and very low power. Easy loading front loading port for easy access. Light weight

- 8 Core D-1540
- Short Depth
Super Server Dual Haswell-EP 400Watt using the X10 based motherboards 1U DDR4 with 2.5" drives. Ideal for Cloud computing, HPC, or enterprise environments. High performance single proc requiring higher demanding performance needs

- DDR4 & Intel C12 Chipset
- Haswell-EP
This AMD optimized system server has enough room for 4HDD 2.5 with optical options. Handle from 8 core all the way up to 16 cores on a dual socket G34 motherboard for HPC environments.

- Dual Socket
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