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This MATX system is very ECO energy efficient with only 275W utilizing highly power saving I3 and I5 processors. Good for smaller demands in home or small business environments on systems with moderate to 100% performance on demand.

- 275W
- ECO Center PRO
- 40% Power Savings
Intel's Ivy Bridge H2 processor system with H61 or C216 chipsets in a Mid Tower ATX case for business or home business use. System is very expandable for upgrades with room for growth..

- DDR3
- Multi-Graphics Support
Intel's Haswell White System Z97 chipset LGA 1150 socket with EVO SSD options as Storage.

- Z97
- DDR3 1866
Intel Skylake with the Broadwell chipset is the 6th generation of processors using DDR4 TDP on 14 nm die.

- M.2
- Enterprise Drive
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Intel Devil's Canyon PC
Haswell E PC Workstations
Our latest Intel Devil's Canyon PC features Intel's new Core i5 and i7 processors, Z97 chipset, and your choice of AMD and NVIDIA GPUs for an Ultimate Graphics experience.

- DDR5 graphics ram
- Optional SSD
Intel's X99 chipset using the Haswell E processors on the LGA2011 V3 system boards. These systems are capable of handling extreme conditions using DDR4 memory on fully ventilated chassis.

- x99 chipset
- SSD Hybrid Drives
From $1006.75 From $1185.5