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3U Server Builder  
3U 16/24 JBOD Storage Modular
SuperMicro 3U 6038 SSG Server
Supermicro 3U microcloud 12 node
Gooxi all modular X10 3U supports up to 16 or 24 HDD slots in an all modular format. Reduce and isolate repair costs and/or have certain updates or upgrades swapped out in sections. This lower cost efficient and bargain to entry setup makes this a great winner.

- Rear Modular Accessing
- Redundant PSU
Famously popular SSG 3U with a 16 bay storage servers handling a variety of applications and secure OS. The item qualifies on many popular software OS when navigating many of the most popular of virtual machines.

- 16 Drive Bays
- 920 Watt
Achieve some of the highest density and save valuable office space by reaching for the microcloud servers. 12 modular nodes works independently of each other hot-pluggable prevents down time switching each node regardless of downtime or reboot.

- 1620W PSU
- 3U form factor
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