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3U Server Builder  
3U 16/24 JBOD Storage Modular
Xeon MicroCloud 5037M 3U Server
This famous redundant 3U 837 can handle up to 28 HDD 3.5 in a JBOD storage enclosure by way of both front and rear access. This JBOD can handle all the way or a mixture of drives for varying modes through its dual expanders accessing both sides.

- central bar of air flow
- Redundant 1620W High Storage
Gooxi all modular X10 3U supports up to 16 or 24 HDD slots in an all modular format. Reduce and isolate repair costs and/or have certain updates or upgrades swapped out in sections. This lower cost efficient and bargain to entry setup makes this a great winner.

- Rear Modular Accessing
- Redundant PSU
A MicroCloud server based on Supermicro's SuperServer 5037M series based on LGA1155. This MicroCloud server system consists has 8 or 12 hot-pluggable nodes and can support 2 or 4 hard drives per node.

- 3U
- 8 or 12 node options
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