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2U Server Builder  
SuperServer 2U 825TQ Systems
SuperWall 2U Net App System
Intel Haswell Virualization Systems
Short 2U Appliance Server
Superserver using X10SR series of motherboards for Xeon E5 2600 V3 in a 2U form factor. This extremely popular combination has the right combinations of specifications to enable it popularity.

- 8x 3.5" Trays
- Center Fans
Simple 2U Front Loading supporting E5-2600 V3 which is functional for many environments.

- DDR4 with 8 slots
- x7 Front Full Length
Intel Haswell Virtualization Uniproc system with 2.5" in a 2U form factor.

- Haswell Chipset
- 2.5" Drive Hot swappable
Easy functional 2U with front I/O accessibility for unipro server appliance in light tasks procedures. The UB version can handle Full Length cards if necessary otherwise the LPB version should be adequate

- SAS Optional
- Short Depth
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SuperTwin 2U and Square Systems
SSG SuperStorage on 2U with SAS
SuperTwin and Twin Square for 2U application in 3.5" environments such as Data Center, HPC, Finance Banking or e-commerce platform / Cloud computing.

- space constraints
- higher computer per platform
- SAS optional based on model
The SuperStorage with 24x SAS optional 2U storage server with 920W redundant power. Use this newly designed able to handle more drives on a 2.5" form factor to conserve space and handle more drives.

- 920W Redundant PSU
- up to 24x 2.5" SATA/SAS
From $2438 From $2824