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2U Server Builder  
Supermicro AMD G34 2U A+
2U SuperChassis R920 PSU 3.5 Storage
Synology 2U 12 Bay Station
Super Storage SSG 2.5 High Density Capacity
AMD most popular A+ servers for G34 chip set systems with 8 bays. This multi functional 2U has all the most desirable qualities making this a very handy Linux machine for many types of tasks.

- Dual G34 chipset
- G200 Matrox
Highly functional and super flexible this 2U has many of the newest features bring both new to an original legacy classic design. Having WIO and NVMe with optional 2.5 inside

- Redundant
- 920 watt
Synology RackStations are 12 Bay NAS storage 2U network attach storage for SMB and Enterprise. Developed for visualization, surveillance, RAID, and Data capture designed to handle robust environments anywhere.

- Maximum capacity 96-120 TB
- Varying RAID options
The SuperMicro SSG Storage Server 2U is a high capacity solutions in a very efficient and a low power 2.5" capacity in either HDD or SSD format. Whether your storing or streaming this solution will be able to handle your demands on the fly or in cold storage.

- 920 Watt
- Storage
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QNAP 2U 12BAY Rackmount Storage
Asus 12 Bay 3.5 Storage 2U Rack
Superserver 2U 6028R 8 Bay HDD
Supermicro 2U Four Node Twin2Pro
Increase storage expansions with QNAP high performance scalable NAS data backup, file sync, and remote. Use iSCSI or 10GB ready with cross platform sharing and visualization ideal for most businesses.

- 12 3.5 Bays
- High Performance
Asus's newest Storage Server with fully maximized options all packed in a 2U form factor. Check and verify that this hardware is capable to handle all of the most popular OS fully customize to your standard's of operation. Turn this quality value hardware into your next project with confidence.

- 12 Bay 3.5 & (2) 2.5 SSD
- Dual Nic
- 1 + 1 Redundant 770W 80+
Supermicro highly versatile 2U 8 bay makes it a good choice for enterprise, data center, hyperscale and business. This has the right mix making it very suitable for the most enduring demands to scale.

- 8 Bay Tray HDD
- Redundant PSU
Extremely popular in high density heavily populated space constraint areas where space is limited. Pack more nodes to do more and waste less with highly efficient 4 nodes in a 2U dual socket per node rack.

- 4 Node System
- 1600W 80 + Titanium
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