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Tower Workstation Builder  
Red Power Gamer LGA2011 V3
Mid-Tower Server Haswell
Workstation E5-2600 V3 Server
745TQ SuperWork Station Pedestal
This Red outlined brushed aluminum power effective gamer workstation uses the latest offering available to gamers using Intel's LGA2011 V3. Cable management and large air flow completes this system in providing key elements only available in higher end systems.

- 6x 3.5" 4x 2.5"
- removable HDD/SDD cages
SuperWorkstation LGA 1150 with 900 Watt Mid-Tower Haswell server. Super Performance workstation with up to 32GB memory and up to 8x SATA3 ports.

- Haswell Chipset
- 6 Hot-swap Bays
The SuperWorkstation using E5-2600 LGA2011 with 500 to 900 Watt PSU in a Mid-Tower chassis. Single or Dual processor options

- up to 18 Cores
- C612 Express
- Whisper Quiet
This highly popular SuperWorks System is feature rich, highly functional, and extremely power optional. Select and see which 745TQ system suits your budget.

- Redundant Power options
- 4U Rack or Tower optional
From $1153 From $1192 From $1697 From $1700