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Tower Workstation Builder  
I7 Graphics Video Workstation
Red Power Business System
Mid-Tower Server Haswell
Workstation E5-2600 V3 Server
This Pedestal workstation server with feet has balance and enhanced performance with an X10 board using ECC unbuffered. 4 HDD drive bay optional allows more storage for streaming on demand systems

- HDD Cage optional
- I7 Haswell
This Red outlined brushed aluminum power effective business workstation uses the latest offering available to CAD/Accounting users of Intel's LGA2011 V3. Cable management and large air flow completes this system in providing key elements only available in higher end systems.

- 6x 3.5" 4x 2.5"
- removable HDD/SDD cages
SuperWorkstation LGA 1150 with 900 Watt Mid-Tower Haswell server. Super Performance workstation with up to 32GB memory and up to 8x SATA3 ports.

- Haswell Chipset
- 6 Hot-swap Bays
The SuperWorkstation using E5-2600 LGA2011 with 500 to 900 Watt PSU in a Mid-Tower chassis. Single or Dual processor options

- up to 6 Cores
- C612 Express
- Whisper Quiet
- Dual Graphics
From $1012.5 From $1041.75 From $1138.85 From $1660.75 
745TQ SuperWork Station Pedestal
This highly popular SuperWorks System is feature rich, highly functional, and extremely power optional. Select and see which 745TQ system suits your budget.

- Redundant Power options
- 4U Rack or Tower optional
From $1669.25