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Antec Big Boy 200mm TriCool Case Fan
Antec Big Boy 200mm TriCool Case Fan
Part: CA-CSF200M
   2018-02-05 22:12:05
Reviewed by Christopher S. from Cohutta, GA US

The Good:    Pulls lots of air and is quiet. I'm refurbishing an Antec 900 case that I've had since bought new in 2008, and the cost of this fan here at SuperBiiz is half what they want at other sites. Exact fitment with no issues.
The Squirrelly:    The fan blades are clear on this replacement part, wheras they are black on the original. Not really an issue though.
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   2012-01-30 22:31:49
Reviewed by Anonymous from Elverta, CA US

The Good:    Blows air over a wide area. 3 speeds to choose from. At it's highest speed it will push very close to it's rated CFM which is well over 100. Very quiet motor no clicking at all.
The Squirrelly:    It's a sleeve bearing type. Will probably start making noise if mounted horizontally. Wires are a little short. If you have your PC on your desk this fan is very loud on full speed.
Pro Tip:    Use a dust filter this fan can handle it.
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Vantec NexStar NST-D100S2 2.5/3.5 inch SATA to USB 2.0 Hard Drive Docking Station (White)
Vantec NexStar NST-D100S2 2.5/3.5 inch SATA to USB 2.0 Hard Drive Docking Station (White)
Part: CA-D100S2
   2010-03-13 11:36:20
Reviewed by Anonymous from Tucson, AZ US

The Good:    Inexpensive, straightforward installation, rapid and automatic file transfer
The Squirrelly:    NexStar Hard Drive Dock? Not at all squirrelly. Me? Yes- for thinking I was equipped to do a hard drive upgrade without adult supervision. But this allowed me to salvage my honor and recover the files the ext HD had failed to back up.
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Vantec NexStar NST-D100SU 2.5/3.5 inch SATA to USB 2.0 & eSATA External Hard Drive Dock
Vantec NexStar NST-D100SU 2.5/3.5 inch SATA to USB 2.0 & eSATA External Hard Drive Dock
Part: CA-D100SU
   2010-05-02 13:28:08
Reviewed by Anonymous from Lisle, IL US

The Good:    Easy installation.
The Squirrelly:    The dock does not work with both of my hard drives.
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 Exactly What I Needed  2009-01-04 19:15:45
Reviewed by Miles from Palm Desert, CA US

Old HD had a virus on it that caused me to purchase a new HD and install a fresh copy of Windows losing all my old files. I am personally not the best with computers in the hardware department so adding it as a slave drive seemed like a challenge. So I went on eWiz here and started searching and I would the NexStar dock. No software required to install all I did was plug and play. Works great now I have unlimited HD space =]
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ARCTIC F12 120 mm Case Fan
ARCTIC F12 120 mm Case Fan
Part: CA-F12
   2014-09-04 11:59:33
Reviewed by jjaad from East Lansing, MI US

The Good:    Very quiet with impressive airflow. Used to cool high-end dual Xeon severs rebuilt in new full-tower EATX cases. These fans move 1.5-2 times the air volume of the famous-brand fans replaced. 8 degree C temp drop. If LEDs are important, these fans do not have them, but the white blades are attractive, especially in a B&W case. Its hard to get excited about case fans, but these are exceptionally good products for the money and highly-recommended. SuperBiiz offered very competitive price and free shipping.
The Squirrelly:    No squirrels required to run fans.
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ARCTIC F12 Pro PWM 120mm Case Fan
ARCTIC F12 Pro PWM 120mm Case Fan
Part: CA-F12PPWM
   2010-02-20 09:34:01
Reviewed by Brandon from Grayslake, IL US

The Good:    Quality PWM fans at a great price. I was looking at much more expensive fans just because they were what everyone else has been using. I'm so glad I took the time to research Arctic Cooling products. These fans are high quality and have features of much more expensive fans.
The Squirrelly:    Replaced YateLoon high speed and Antec Tri Cools with these.
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ARCTIC F12 PWM 120 mm Case Fan
ARCTIC F12 PWM 120 mm Case Fan
Part: CA-F12PWM
   2010-05-07 12:14:39
Reviewed by Kurtis from Las Vegas, NV US

The Good:    Great build quality, works very well.
The Squirrelly:    none so far
Pro Tip:    Has both a 4-pin with extra attachment so you can run this fan and your cpu cooler off the cpu header or whatever configuration you want with the 4pin. Also has a 3 pin for fan header.
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   2010-03-24 17:03:24
Reviewed by Thao Tran from Pittsburg, CA US

The Good:    Best price from Ewiz. Low noise and can be daisy chainned.
The Squirrelly:    NONE
Pro Tip:    Did I say best price from Ewiz?
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   2010-03-21 04:23:07
Reviewed by jernkar from Brookings, SD US

The Good:    QUIET and moves air
The Squirrelly:    look above
Pro Tip:    look above
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ARCTIC F12 PWM CO 120mm Case Fan
ARCTIC F12 PWM CO 120mm Case Fan
Part: CA-F12PWMC
   2018-02-02 18:37:27
Reviewed by Anonymous from SELMA, TX US

The Good:    Good fans, I've purchased a couple of these and have been running them for over a 2 years. Only get a slight tick out of the 80mm once in a while but overall they are pretty quiet and work well.
The Squirrelly:    None
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ARCTIC F8 PWM 80x80x25mm Case Fan
ARCTIC F8 PWM 80x80x25mm Case Fan
Part: CA-F8PWM
   2015-04-23 16:23:48
Reviewed by John M from Marshall, WI US

The Good:    Very quiet, push a decent amount of air, you can connect multiple fans to one pwm header, great for htpc that's what I'm using them for. Put it this way they're quieter than my whiny 80mm pwm noctua fans that now sit in a drawer. 6 year warranty.
The Squirrelly:    I guess you could say the PST wiring. It's not a big deal to me but some people don't like it.
Pro Tip:    If you have noisy fans these will solve your problem.
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   2010-05-10 15:53:50
Reviewed by Anonymous from Byron, IL US

The Good:    One of the better 80mm fans I've owned. Fairly quiet when tweaked a through pwm support. Can chain these together.
The Squirrelly:    At max rpm a bit loud.
Pro Tip:    If using for intake pick up a fan filter here as well. I hate dust!
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   2010-02-02 16:54:54
Reviewed by Dale Zumwalt from Loveland, CO US

The Good:    wait, I bought 4. They are quiet, and work well, I have used them before.
The Squirrelly:    none
Pro Tip:    none
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ARCTIC F8 PWM Rev.2 80mm Case Fan
ARCTIC F8 PWM Rev.2 80mm Case Fan
Part: CA-F8PWMR2
   2017-05-03 12:02:40
Reviewed by Daniel Johnson from Houston, TX US

The Good:    Moves a good amount of air and isn't very loud. Even at full speed, it's not terribly loud at all. Seems well made, came with fan screws that worked fine. Ordered 7 of these, they all seem to run within 100rpm of each other.
The Squirrelly:    doesn't move a ton of air, but that's what you get for a quiet fan.
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   2016-12-19 17:23:37
Reviewed by Anonymous from ,

The Good:    Super quiet. Fluid dynamic bearings.
The Squirrelly:    Not sure if it's the fan or my motherboard, but have to run no lower than 5% speed or it gets faster instead of slower. 5% is still totally silent.
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ARCTIC Arctic Fan F9 PWM 92x92x25mm Case Fan
ARCTIC Arctic Fan F9 PWM 92x92x25mm Case Fan
Part: CA-F9PWM
   2015-04-23 16:08:12
Reviewed by John M from Marshall, WI US

The Good:    These are very quiet fans, no whining just air. I'm using one on a cpu cooler that came with a very noisy fan and it works great.
The Squirrelly:    None for me.
Pro Tip:    If you have noisy fans replace them with these. I can't stand whiny fans and these solved that.
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   2011-09-22 10:03:34
Reviewed by anapro from Nipomo, CA US

The Good:    I wanted a quieter fan for my Shuttle S58X computer. This one does the job. It moves a good amount of air while being completely silent at lower speeds, and quiet at its highest speed. I am very pleased with this fan.
The Squirrelly:    It has a 3-wire cable with a 4-pin connector, plus a single wire speed sensor lead that has a 3-pin connector. In addition, it has a 4-pin socket on the leads to allow for a second fan to piggyback. Although this is designed to be flexible, I found the cable awkward. I happened to have crimp pins to make my own connectors, so I cut the cable and put the 4-pin connector on the end. Also slipped a protective sleeve over the wires so the single sensor lead did not drift off.
Pro Tip:    I tried a number of fans looking for quiet but with good air movement. This one is a good choice.
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