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AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice Processor 1.8GHz Socket 939, OEM
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice Processor 1.8GHz Socket 939, OEM
Part: A64-3000BW
 Great processor  2008-06-04 22:36:28
Reviewed by Anonymous from Lutherville, MD US

Very nice processor, along with others in the line from AMD. Bulk discounts
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 Its Amd  2007-01-06 06:56:23
Reviewed by puk from Denver, PA US

Amd owns alot but they don't beat the Intel core 2 duo. This processor is like an intel P4 3.0Ghz but better in games.
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 Best OC AMD  2007-01-03 17:36:26
Reviewed by jim allmon from stockbridge, GA US

Want to go cheap and get the most out of it? Buy this processor. 1.8 Ghz is the standard speed but has the potential to go 2.7 Ghz (fx55 is only 2.6) or faster, if you tweak better than I. I have been running this processor for 2 years and I'm still loving it. I reached 2.3 Ghz on stock air cooling and I'm sure anyone could do the same but for the 2.7 you would want to go liquid. Bang for the buck should be the name, not 3000+..)
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AMD Athlon X4 880K Quad-Core Godavari Processor 4.0GHz Socket FM2+ w/ Low-noise Fan and Heatsink, Retail
AMD Athlon X4 880K Quad-Core Godavari Processor 4.0GHz Socket FM2+ w/ Low-noise Fan and Heatsink, Retail
Part: AD880KXBOX
   2016-07-11 08:31:29
Reviewed by Nathan S from Lakeside, CA US

The Good:    I was happy to get such a high clock speed. Even with AMD's cool and quiet technology and C6 states, I'm still seeing 3.7-3.98GHz with these features enabled. Seem to be a marked improvement from my old Athlon x2 440. The price is fantastic. I don't need an integrated GPU so this is a perfect upgrade for me.
The Squirrelly:    Concerned with temps. AMD makes temperature readings confusing. Sitting in BIOS on HW monitoring page, CPU temp climbs drastically. Goes (in increments of 0.5C) from about 31.0C-41.0C, sometimes higher. Again, in BIOS while it's doing like nothing. Has me concerned. Booting to Desktop and using Asrock's Fstream Utility, temperature reading is about 32-33C, while idle. Using AMD's Overdrive software only shows "Thermal Margin" which is "how far away from the MAX temperature you are" & I'll get readings of 61.0C down to 40s and 30s under load. I'm not sure what to make of this. Tried cleaning off the default and replacing it with Arctic Silver thermal compound. Added a 120mm case fan (side panel over vga area). Cranked CPU fan to full 3000rpm. Still seeing the same behavior. Has yet to overheat or crash but I'm worried if there's a sensor wrong or backwards or something why it's reporting weird temperatures to the BIOS/motherboard. Maybe I'll post in a forum and see what they say there.
Pro Tip:    Maybe check out Tom's Hardware or HardOCP forums to see if this is a good match for you.
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APC LE1200 Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator
APC LE1200 Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator
Part: APC-LE1200
 This thing is excellent  2007-01-26 13:03:58
Reviewed by dell from Denver, PA US

If you need to regulate your voltage than this is perfect for you. I needed this and got this which it works great.
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 Awesome power cleaner  2006-11-03 17:53:27
Reviewed by Anonymous from Denver, PA US

It cleans your power and makes it better. I love this thing cause its a nice little feature.
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 Excellent  2006-10-04 21:19:55
Reviewed by Lizard from Denver, CO US

For an inline filter, the AVR cleans your power. No more fluctuations and issues with your system. Great product from APC.
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Areca ARC-1120 SATA2 PCI-X 8-Port RAID Controller (Low-Profile)
Areca ARC-1120 SATA2 PCI-X 8-Port RAID Controller (Low-Profile)
Part: ARC1120
 2+ years uptime.  2009-01-30 08:36:06
Reviewed by Vlad from Grosse Pointe Park, MI US

1. Quite fast. I mean there are faster Areca cards, but for the price it is great. 2. ESXi U3 supported. You need to go to areca website to download the drivers. There are some tricks to make it work, but nothing impossible. Other ARECA cards are supported as well. 3. Has support for event e-mailing - failed HDD, login to control website, etc. Works under Windows, no support under VMWare. Cons: Takes time to rebuild a drive. May have compatibility issues with HDDs. I personally experienced problems with WD RE2 400gb hdds. Had to disable NSQ. Fortunatelly these drives are not produced anymore. Overall: I'm totally satisfied. I repurposed an old backup server. Supermicro H8DAE MB, 2x 280 Opterons, 16 gb of RAM, Areca 1120 with 6 400gb WD RE2 HDDs. All needed hardware is supported under ESXi - Ethernet, Areca card, etc. I don't care about sound under VMWare. Now I have a great R&D server.
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 Excellent card.  2007-12-17 18:15:56
Reviewed by Fred from Denver, CO US

Great RAID controller, easy to set up and maintain.
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Asus AMD Radeon R7 240 2GB DDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI Low Profile PCI-Express Video Card
Asus AMD Radeon R7 240 2GB DDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI Low Profile PCI-Express Video Card
Part: AS-724_2GL
   2015-01-31 18:41:30
Reviewed by Frederick Carr from Puyallup, WA US

The Good:    Looks great. Works fine for vga or hdmi. Easy Win 7 install. Check to see if Asus is still offering free games for their video cards. You can get a couple nice ones even, with this card. Two gigs for a great price, yeah, I bought another one.
The Squirrelly:    Tough fight getting Win 8. 1 to recognize it. You really have to play around, update Windows, uninstall the card, & let it figure it out. Not so much for Windows 7, that's for sure!
Pro Tip:    No tips, other than above. Obviously turn any on-board video off. The software is alright.
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Asus PCE-AC68 Dual-Band Wireless-AC1900 PCI-Express Adapter
Asus PCE-AC68 Dual-Band Wireless-AC1900 PCI-Express Adapter
Part: AS-AC68
   2015-09-11 04:06:11
Reviewed by Anonymous from Miami, FL US

The Good:    The ASUS PCE-AC68 is one hell of wireless adapter, man I can get a signal from the gasoline station about a mile away from my house if not more. It's a monster that sucks up all the wireless signals around my neighborhood. IT'S AMAZING!!! I recommend it to anyone who needs an adapter.
The Squirrelly:    Nothing
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Asus PCE-N15 300Mbps 802.11b/g/n Wireless PCI-Express Adapter
Asus PCE-N15 300Mbps 802.11b/g/n Wireless PCI-Express Adapter
Part: AS-PCEN15
   2015-09-26 11:43:21
Reviewed by Jill Keebler from Medford, NJ US

The Good:    - Works great and is pretty fast despite the price.
The Squirrelly:    - Nothing really, had some slow downloads at first, but new drivers form ASUS seems to have fixed the problem.
Pro Tip:    Just make sure you download the new drivers from ASUS.
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Asus RT-N16 Gigabit Wireless Router w/ USB Storage & Printer & Media Server
Asus RT-N16 Gigabit Wireless Router w/ USB Storage & Printer & Media Server
Part: AS-RTN16
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   2009-12-14 18:57:12
Reviewed by Chris B from Farmington, MN US

The Good:    A router with 128 MB Ram, and a 500+ MHz CPU? This is currently the fastest router out there! (CPU wise) And now with DD-WRT support, this thing is the best you can get! Trust me, you dont want to miss out on this router!
The Squirrelly:    Not the Best range, but good speed. The stock firmware is not the best or stable, so I flashed dd-wrt right away, and seems to work flawlessly for me!
Pro Tip:    If you have a big network, or do a lot of P2P, trust me, this router will not disappoint!
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Asus RT-N56U Wireless-N Router
Asus RT-N56U Wireless-N Router
Part: AS-RTN56U
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:
   2011-09-22 19:43:38
Reviewed by Tigerbalm from Renton, WA US

The Good:    Bandwidth, speed, although still 300 Mbps max, most uniquely cool looking design I've ever seen, small size, 2 USB, 2 year warranty, high quality build, long range and signal strength, better config page than any I've used, and of course, the price is lower and possibly the best wireless dual band router for your money!
The Squirrelly:    Not 450 Mbps for 5 Ghz channel. Although the most beautiful design, the cat ports located on the side exposes the wires! Solution is to use cat5/6 with 90 deg angled plugs. Can't think of anything else that is a negative!
Pro Tip:    The most bang for the buck for a high performance router! Replacing my Netgear 3700 was a great choice, giving me stronger/longer range of signal. RT-N56U crushes the 3700 in bandwidth! I'm getting 30 Mbps DL (ASUS) vs 28 Mbps (3700) respectively. 5 Ghz performance was also noticeably better, but still a little lag for online gaming vs Cat6. I totally approve of the ASUS RT-N56U after a few days of testing. Also, my netbook is getting 4/5 bars upstairs instead of 2/3 with the netgear 3700.
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Asus VG23AH 23 inch IPS Widescreen 5ms 80,000,000:1 VGA/DVI/HDMI LCD Monitor, w/ Speakers and 3D Glasses (Black)
Asus VG23AH 23 inch IPS Widescreen 5ms 80,000,000:1 VGA/DVI/HDMI LCD Monitor, w/ Speakers and 3D Glasses (Black)
Part: AS-VG23AH
   2014-01-12 08:58:09
Reviewed by Jacob Speed from Panama City, FL US

The Good:    Great monitor! I've been wanting a passive 3d monitor for some time now, using my old monitor as a second display you can see the difference in quality like night and day. Beautiful display and quality. 3d is also really good, possibly better than my old active 3d glasses i used on an old tube monitor back in the day, especially when you have a correct 3d signal. I prefer the passive 3d vs active 3d because with passive 3d you dont have the flickering that you have with active 3d, also passive is more comfortable on my eyes and weigh less so they are more comfortable on your face, its also great not having to worry about batteries. In game, so far i've only used it in battlefield 3 which has an option for 3d in the settings, all I can say is amazing! Wish I could afford 3 of these monitors.
The Squirrelly:    The only thing I find worth mentioning is that as far as I can tell, 3d conversion on the monitor does not let you change the separation level, on average I sit about two feet away from the monitor when sitting at the desk with my monitor as far back as it can go. You need to be sitting at least 3 feet or more (4 feet or more looks really good) to actually get the 3d effect, otherwise you are seeing double. being able to decrease the separation would allow you to sit closer. Battlefield 3 lets you do that and I can sit where I want when playing.
Pro Tip:    from my experience, the more the separation the more 3d effect you can get, but also the more separation you have the farther back you need to be. Also everyone is different so seperation lets you adjust whats most comfortable for the user. You can do this with software, so use a program such as Tridef that lets you use 3d mode if you want more control and better 3d. Using HDMI also improves the 3d.
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