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Amazingly Fast Shipping and Great Prices
Nick Major, 2015-07-28 12:46:55
When I went to go buy a computer, the first place I went was pcpartpciker.com to pick my components. For almost every single part, Superbiiz came up as the cheapest seller. They have some amazing prices and great discounts and sales. When I was checking out I realized shipping was kind of high for UPS ground, but I realized why afterwards. I didn't even pay for 1, 2, or 3 day shipping and I got it the next day. Granted, I live in the next city over, but it is still amazingly fast. I would recommend Superbiiz to anyone that is looking for parts or software!
Rachel V Galvez, 2015-07-26 01:13:22
I live in California, so getting these parts pretty fast was no problem. Cheapest shipping arrived here in 2 days. I bought myself an i5-4690k; My part arrived 100% functional, and when I was buying it, I got a discount from a coupon! Will most likely purchase from here again!! :)
3 Speed 120mm blue LED fan
Gordon, 2015-07-07 14:52:21
A Great Product at a Great Price with Very Fast Shipping from a Great Company so this was Truly a First Class, 5 Star and A+ transaction :-) Thanks, Gordon
Jonathan Escamilla, 2015-06-30 19:38:44
I personally have had zero problems with SuperBiiz and am glad to say that they have one of the best customer support (thank you Evonne Cho) and the best prices. I have order most of my parts from here and am looking forwards to getting more from here on my next build.

As a heads up to people. Most of the bad reviews are either outdated or about shipping and little thing people blow up to get either quicker response or to be unfair about the problem at hand. I personally recommend using SuperBiiz for the amazing prices and for the even more amazing, quick responding customer support.

Again thank you Evonne Cho (customer support)

You will get an even quicker response if you send a message through the Skype account they provide for you to message to.

Happy shopping to new customers (I know my word isn't much to strangers but) you have my word.
Anonymous, 2015-06-25 08:13:49
Everything was great and right on time! Great Website
good service
robert seewald, 2015-06-22 17:06:48
I got what I odered, on time and no problems.
Persistent Customer Care
John Casey, 2015-05-21 18:00:34
I would like to send a special Thank You to Tiffany Shih, Customer Care, for her diligence. My credit card company was doing it's job and put a hold on my card. This was due to multiple orders I had placed in one night and placed my last order on hold and flagged as possible fraud. I received an email from Tiffany the next day explaining that I would have to contact my CC company. I did this and was told the card would be freed up and charges could be made immediately. I contacted Tiffany the next day and explained. Later, I received another email from Tiffany with the same problem. Again, I spoke with fraud prevention (and the same person). She took care of the release (again) while I was on hold. I emailed Tiffany back and now the order has been taken care of. I apologize to Tiffany for having to go through the loop holes for this order
Thank You,
John Casey
Anonymous, 2015-05-15 00:16:47
I ordered this card from here since at the time it was $30 cheaper than the other 2 big e-tailers. order / shipping was a little slower than I was used to. But all went well as patience is a virtue, I have a brand new semi current video card now. much quieter, much cooler, switching over from ATI HD4850 to this card. Pleased with the purchase, no complaints, product works as intended.
Video Card
Master Wizard Darin_mcnew, 2015-05-05 18:07:32
I have purchased a few things with SuperBiiz.. I hope to be purchasing a lot more.. their customer service it Phenomenal.. Not to mention they helped me when I didn't think they would.. thanks SuperBiiz!!!
Fastest Shipping Ever
Todd, 2015-03-31 14:45:37
I was hesitant to order from SuperBiiz because I've never heard of them. I order mostly from Amazon and Newegg. But SuperBiiz had the best price on a processor. So I ordered it on a Monday afternoon. I just went for the free shipping, didn't need it right away. It showed up at my doorstep the next morning. I have never received a product this quickly, and this is coming from someone who's been an Amazon Prime member for years. It was a fantastic 1st experience and I will definitely keep SuperBiiz on the top of my list when ordering computer parts again in the future!
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Outstanding Service and Product
I ordered a new gaming computer from SuperBiiz. I was able to customize for exactly what I wanted at an exceptional price. When the order was delayed slightly, customer service was right on the ball, ...
-Thomas Chappelle
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