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1U Server Builder  
AMD Opteron A+ SuperSlim Systems
Short SuperSlim Appliance E3-1200
Super XBlade Two Node 2011 V3
1U Super Optimized 4HDD
AMD Opteron 6000 series cpu in a slim server capable with SAS and 2.5" SSD optional up to 4x HDD in a 350W Gold power efficient chassis. These A+ servers features the SuperMicro H8 Motherboards especially designed for the optimized class of G34 chips targeting HPC, Cloud, and visualized storage.

- 4x HDD
- DVD Optional
- 2.5" SSD storage Optional
Designed for outstanding performance and rock-solid reliability, our Intel Xeon Haswell 1U Servers support the latest Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 Quad-Core processors, up to four DDR3-1600 ECC DIMMs, and up to four 3.5" SATA3 HDDs. These short depth appliances has many functional use for lots of smaller tasks.

- 4x 3.5" SATA 3
- up to 32GB ECC unbuffered
The SuperBlade features full optimization for a wide variety of mission critical applications and compute intensive operations. Use the Blade to rapidly deploy several advanced operations such as Blade Server, Data Center, and Workstation and Office Blade.

- two node
- Blade Series
This AMD optimized system server has enough room for 4HDD 2.5 with optical options. Handle from 8 core all the way up to 16 cores on a dual socket G34 motherboard for HPC environments.

- Dual Socket
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Intel Haswell-EP V3 SuperServer 1U
1U Superserver 1027R Systems
Super Server Dual Haswell-EP 400Watt using the X10 based motherboards 1U DDR4 with 2.5" drives. Ideal for Cloud computing, HPC, or enterprise environments. High performance single proc requiring higher demanding performance needs

- DDR4 & Intel C12 Chipset
- Haswell-EP
Superserver optimize for high performance processing ideal for networking infrastructure on enterprise networks. High density 1U great for cluster server systems computer intensive with storage capable options.

- 8 Hot Swap SATA/SAS
- 700W / 750W PSU Gold
From $1546.5 From $1737