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Gaming Rig Builder  
The AMD Dark Rig
Intel Haswell Little Gamer
Intel Gaming LGA1151 DDR4
Super Big Red Gaming unit
This AMD is a versatile Dark Rig commander using AMD Kaveri CPU and features lots of drive bays. This unit has an optional Liquid Cooling system for the CPU and plenty of air flow.

- Liquid Cooling
- A88X chipset
- Windows 10 optional
Pure white housing for the uniquely opaque gamer who game play reads the who who of extreme intensity. Try this Z97 for starters and stand out from the rest. I3 with Z97 chipset going with Kingston's Black Hyper X.

- White Case
- Z97 Chipset
Intel's newest LGA1151 Skylake processor using DDR4 memory on the Z170 chipset system. These systems offers 2-way graphics

- Z170 Chipset
- Window
The Big Red gaming is quite the power packed performance chassis with all the right combination of features most mid to high level gamers expect. The combination mix in this system works on a Z97 chipset with the most popular I3, I5 & i7 cpu options. Select this system today.

- Flat black satin outer finish; Front mesh cooling
- AMD's R7/R9 series and nVidia 900 series of graphics
From $445 From $475 From $799 From $900 
Devil's Gaming High Systems
Gamer's needs lots of room to expand and grow with plenty of expansion for select devices. Come to fulfill some very tall orders in gaining height by adding more not less.

- 3 and 4 way CrossFire or SLI
- Z97 Chipset
- Windows 10 optional
From $1016