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4U Server Builder  
4U Open Bay RackServer
4U Rackmount WIO X10 Server Systems
4U SuperChassis High Demand & Volume HPC
4U Rackmount X10 GPU Server Systems
RM 4U Chassis with dual Xeon E5-2600 multi-core processors with key lock single or dual vented open door rack.

- EBB & Slim ODD for layout
- Pedestal Optional available
SuperServer 7048 series X10 for LGA2011 socket R3 V3 DDR4 4U rackmountable with 8 Hot-Swap bays and Tower optional with 920W to 1000W plus redundant option of Titanium power

- 8x 3.5" and/or 2.5" Hot-Swap drive trays
- 2x SuperDom Optional
- 1x or 2x or 4x 10G, 100G, 1000G Base-T
- 1.0TB 16X or up to 1.5TB 24x DIMM slots
SuperChassis AMD G34 Opteron DDR3 High Velocity & High Frequency system with adequate space and airflow for today's most demanding servers.

- 1400 W Redundant Platinum
- 5x 3.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap
- 7x Full Length Cards Expansion
SuperServer X10 for LGA2011 socket R3 DDR4 4U rackmountable with 8 Hot-Swap bays and Tower optional plus 2000W redundant power. Graphic Rendering and Video Transcoding

- XEON PHI optional
- 16x slot DDR4 2133
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4U SuperChassis 16 or 26 HDD
HPC Super Performance 8047R
SSG SuperStorage 4U v3 1280W
NORCO 4U Storage Server
Customization in Server Storage up to 36 devices in a 4U high drive array box. This setup offer lots of room in a free flowing environment with ample airflow for excellent cooling. Very spacious for lots of full height cards.

- 36 Drives SAS
- 24 Front 12 Rear
This Super Performing HPC features a blistering 1400W Redundant Higher Efficiency 80 Plus power in a 4U form factor which is rack or tower. This server can support up to Quad processing 4x cpu with up to 1TB of memory.

-1400 Redundant Power 80+
- SAS / SATA HDD backplane
The Superstorage 4U server capable of heavy loads balancing for server environments of clusters and HPC. Supports up to 18 core on an X10 chipset with up to 36 drive bays.

- 1280W 80 plus
- 36x Hot-Swap Bay
NORCO has rack mount 20 drive removable bay for SATA/SAS slim optical and room for 2x internal 2.5" OS drives. This 4U storage server has lots of internal room with maximum air flow with greater cooling. Optional external controller for outside connectivity by way of JBOD.

- 16 Internal SATA/SAS RAID controller 6GBs
- External Connectivity option
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Supermicro AMD 4 way G34 HPC
Supermicro newest 4 way high performance compute bring new life to a multi processor design in dynamic treading. This G34 socket system for AMD can handle up to Quad processor simultaneously all by using only 1620 watts of redundant power in a 4U chassis. Let this be your next HPC cloud compute.

- 24 Drives HDD SAS/SATA
- 1620 Watt Redundant
From $11267