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4U Server Builder  
SMC 4U Rack and Tower System
SMC 4U Storage JBOD 45 HDD
Supermicro 4U Rack/Tower Quad
Extremely popular office tower for mission critical data processing and storage capable requirements. This compute intensive is cloud suitable and handles virtualization needs.

- 920 Watt
- Dual CPU 2011 V3
Supermicro Storage JBOD 4U can hold up to 45 devices in both rear and frontal access maximizing heat inefficiencies. Mid row's of air cooling displaces adequate
airflow displacing heat to flow out and away from drives. Excellent design and easy access.

- 45 3.5" HDD
- 1400W 80 Plus Gold
Supermicro VMware ready this Quad cpu 4U rack or tower is perfect for any startup or growing office. A good utility for running as an HPC doing virtualization or running office simulations

- Hot Swappable
- SAS/SATA Backplane
This optimized enhance storage server is capable of 24 drives in a 4U high density form factor. The SSG has excellent expansion abilities with a single expander per back plane.

- SSG 24
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SMC SuperServer Tower/Rackmountable
Supermicro AMD 4 way G34 HPC
Bring your Office into the virtualize world with various options in Ready ware with cloud services and OS. This system is pedestal or rack optional for future proof expansions. Stand up and out with tower racks optional systems.

- 920 W to 1000 W
- SATA3 or SAS3
Supermicro newest 4 way high performance compute bring new life to a multi processor design in dynamic treading. This G34 socket system for AMD can handle up to Quad processor simultaneously all by using only 1620 watts of redundant power in a 4U chassis. Let this be your next HPC cloud compute.

- 24 Drives HDD SAS/SATA
- 1620 Watt Redundant
From $3633 From $9381