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2U Server Builder  
Intel Haswell Virualization Systems
SuperWall 2U Net App System
Gooxi Virtulization Storage System
Supermicro AMD G34 2U A+
Intel Haswell Virtualization Uniproc system with 2.5" in a 2U form factor.

- Haswell Chipset
- 2.5" Drive Hot swappable
Simple 2U Front Loading supporting E5-2600 V3 which is functional for many environments.

- DDR4 with 8 slots
- x7 Front Full Length
One of the leading provider of design and manufacturing server hardware, Gooxi 2U system has mission-critical capabilities that will meet your cloud and virtualization and database processing needs.

- Dual LGA 2011; supports Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 Family Processors
- 8x 3.5"/2.5" Hot-swap SATA3 HDD trays

AMD most popular A+ servers for G34 chip set systems with 8 bays. This multi functional 2U has all the most desirable qualities making this a very handy Linux machine for many types of tasks.

- Dual G34 chipset
- G200 Matrox
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SuperTwin 2U and Square Systems
Superserver 2U 6028R 8 Bay HDD
Supermicro 2U Four Node Twin2Pro
Quanta 2U High Density Servers
SuperTwin and Twin Square for 2U application in 3.5" environments such as Data Center, HPC, Finance Banking or e-commerce platform / Cloud computing.

- space constraints
- higher computer per platform
- SAS optional based on model
Supermicro highly versatile 2U 8 bay makes it a good choice for enterprise, data center, hyperscale and business. This has the right mix making it very suitable for the most enduring demands to scale.

- 8 Bay Tray HDD
- Redundant PSU
Extremely popular in high density heavily populated space constraint areas where space is limited. Pack more nodes to do more and waste less with highly efficient 4 nodes in a 2U dual socket per node rack.

- 4 Node System
- 1600W 80 + Titanium
QCT Stratos series cluster in a box provides some of the highest density storage capacities in a 2U form factor. Redundancy and extreme cooling efficiency makes this a very cost effective scale-able model.

- 1100 Redundant Power
- Intel C602
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