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Supermicro LGA1150 SuperWorkstation Builder
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SMC Workstation Server
- H170 MB
- Intel Core Skylake Processors
- DDR4 Memory
- Supermicro Workstation Barebone
- Intel Core Haswell Processors
- DDR3 Memory
- X99 MB
- Intel Core Haswell-E Processors
- DDR4 Memory
Jump into creative design and get your images flowing with the entry contender using Skylake. Crafted in racing design in mind this workstation will get you motivated as a producer.

- SkyLake
- I7, I5, & I3
From $601 From $1006.5 From $1042 From $1068 
Supermicro LGA2011-v3 SuperWorkstation Builder
4U Rackmount WIO X10 Server Systems
4U SuperChassis High Demand & Volume HPC
Supermicro 4U 7047 Quiet Workstation
- Supermicro Workstation Barebone
- Intel Xeon E5-2600 Processors
- DDR4 Memory
SuperServer 7048 series X10 for LGA2011 socket R3 V3 DDR4 4U rackmountable with 8 Hot-Swap bays and Tower optional with 920W to 1000W plus redundant option of Titanium power

- 8x 3.5" and/or 2.5" Hot-Swap drive trays
- 1x or 2x or 4x 10G, 100G, 1000G Base-T
- 1.0TB 16X or up to 1.5TB 24x DIMM slots
SuperChassis AMD G34 Opteron DDR3 High Velocity & High Frequency system with adequate space and airflow for today's most demanding servers.

- 1400 W Redundant Platinum
- 5x 3.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap
- 7x Full Length Cards Expansion
Today's ever over lapping of signal frequency and noise reduction SuperMicro's Super Quiet is mostly popular in office environments. Move this powerful 4U from outside to in house with passive non rotating fans to keep reduction at a minimum.

- 1200W PSU, Whisper-Quiet 27dB
- Dual supports up to V2
From $1363.75 From $2083.25 From $2385 From $2554 
4U Rackmount X10 GPU Server Systems
Supermicro 4U Supertower 920
SuperServer X10 for LGA2011 socket R3 DDR4 4U rackmountable with 8 Hot-Swap bays and Tower optional plus 2000W redundant power. Graphic Rendering and Video Transcoding

- XEON PHI optional
- 16x slot DDR4 2133
Extremely popular 4U featuring dual Haswell EP or Broadwell EP in a Full height and Full length tower with lots of room for expansions. This key lockable will keep your mission critical DB and storage under safe keeping.

- 920 W
- 4U Tower
From $3220.5 From $3596.75