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Vantec SF9225L 92mm Stealth Case Fan
Vantec SF9225L 92mm Stealth Case Fan
Part: CA-FANS9
   2010-05-11 05:51:19
Reviewed by James Calhoun from Sanders, KY US

The Good:    great fan leads are nice and long to to reach any part of the motherboard
The Squirrelly:    none
Pro Tip:    anyone can install it.
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   2010-04-19 12:20:31
Reviewed by Anonymous from Davis, CA US

The Good:    ????
The Squirrelly:    It's not a 9 cm fan. Its a 9.2 cm fan. Didn't fit my slot, so had to start drilling.
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 Quality Fans  2007-01-31 10:15:17
Reviewed by 2Tall from Sandsprings, OK US

I have used the Vantec fans as a replacement for Dell, HP, and Micron. Nice and quiet, very good quality. The Stealth fans are excellent
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MassCool FD12038S1M3/4 120mm 3&4pin Case Fan
MassCool FD12038S1M3/4 120mm 3&4pin Case Fan
Part: CA-FD12038
   2013-01-28 15:57:30
Reviewed by Culbrelai from Brownstown, MI US

The Good:    These are very high quality, you can tell when you pick them up. They come with screws, just an FYI. I bought three to add to the cooling in my Cosmos II. One of them I have on the roof of my case for exhaust (Along with 2 other different fans) and it seems to do real well.
The Squirrelly:    Two of the three make this really high pitched whine, that I cannot replicate on the fan that works quietly. I plugged them into my mobo first via the 3 pin connector. Turned the computer on and immediately the high pitched whine could be heard, scared the crap out of me so I turned off the computer... went back and plugged them both into the Cosmos IIs fan controller, which my quieter fan from this same batch, of the same model, is plugged into and has no such noise. Again, even on the lowest setting for my CM Cosmos IIs fan controller,, the two whiney fans continue to whine. On the highest setting for the fan controller, the other non-whineing fan doesn't whine at all. So I don't know what could be wrong.
Pro Tip:    Overall pretty good, I probably just got two crappy ones.
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Vantec HDC502A Dual 5CM Fan 3.5 inch Hard Drive Cooler
Vantec HDC502A Dual 5CM Fan 3.5 inch Hard Drive Cooler
Part: CA-HDC502A
   2010-02-21 00:56:21
Reviewed by Anonymous from Loveland, OH US

The Good:    Has worked very well
The Squirrelly:    Worked well for me
Pro Tip:    Keeps drives chilled
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 Smaller fans  2006-10-10 13:42:20
Reviewed by Anonymous from Billings, MT US

This drive cooler has smaller fans that those typically used. It does however have heatfins which act to pull heat away from the drive. Nice setup, pretty comparable to other fan models in performance.
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 Longer Life  2006-08-25 21:40:17
Reviewed by Aaaah from Norco, CA US

Longer life of components saves data loss and downtime. Good airflow, nice and quiet. Combination of heatfins and fans reduce the heat on the rive. Easy install, seems to work great so far, no drives have died while using them.
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iMicro CA-I136USB 350W ATX Mid Tower Case w/Keyboard/ Mouse/ Speakers (Black/Silver)
iMicro CA-I136USB 350W ATX Mid Tower Case w/Keyboard/ Mouse/ Speakers (Black/Silver)
Part: CA-I136USB
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   2012-08-26 16:15:27
Reviewed by Johnny from Bakersfield, CA US

The Good:    Comes with 350w power supply, 24 pin power connector, supports micro ATX and full ATX, comes with speaker mouse and keyboard, 2 cable USB 2.0 slots and headphones/microphone. You can add a system cooler to it. Very easy to de-attach case. Speaker is powered by USB. Big letters on keyboard if you can not see easily.
The Squirrelly:    The metal bends easily.
Pro Tip:    Great bundle for the price, I have not tested the sound quality of the speakers though.
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iMicro CA-IM1207B 350W 20+4pin MicroATX Mini Tower Case (Black)
iMicro CA-IM1207B 350W 20+4pin MicroATX Mini Tower Case (Black)
Part: CA-IM1207B
   2012-05-07 22:47:25
Reviewed by Rickjs from Salem, OR US

The Good:    Looks nice, good price.
The Squirrelly:    Very thin metal, have to be careful not to bend cover or back panel when installing.
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   2012-01-06 20:22:24
Reviewed by JustinL from Irving, TX US

The Good:    Awesome little case for $22. Comes with thumb screws for the sides. Both side covers are removable and it has plenty of hard drive slots. I am building a media server with it. It is sturdy, unless you plan on moving it a lot.
The Squirrelly:    There are a few sharp edges and I am not sure about the power supply, but I never intended on using it.
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   2011-12-09 18:17:39
Reviewed by WillCK from Jarrell, TX US

The Good:    Great Bang for the buck in a reasonably small enclosure. Built fairly well for this price range. It's not often you get a Mini Tower Case with a 350 W Power Supply brand new for $25 shipped. I am doing a build with it right now and so far so good. Everything lines up. Has thumb screws for both side panels...always a plus. Included hardware is adequate.
The Squirrelly:    Nothing really, the metal is thinnish, but for $25 with power supply shipped...I expected that.
Pro Tip:    If you are looking for something with heavier metal screwless will have to spend the money, but for any budget MATX build, this case is the answer.
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iMicro CA-IM2102B 400W 20+4pin ATX Mid Tower Case (Black)
iMicro CA-IM2102B 400W 20+4pin ATX Mid Tower Case (Black)
Part: CA-IM2102B
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   2011-12-08 15:40:37
Reviewed by Terry from Mountain Home, ID US

The Good:    Everything fits. The side panels fit with no problem and come with thumb screws. Comes with P/S All cables parts are labeled I am buying another one. Comes with hardware to install M/B and Drive
The Squirrelly:    Be careful there are many sharp point on the inside. The case is Very light. No manual.
Pro Tip:    When removing stamped covers take you time and don't rush it.
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iMicro CA-IM2105B 400W 20+4pin ATX Mid Tower Case (Black/ Silver)
iMicro CA-IM2105B 400W 20+4pin ATX Mid Tower Case (Black/ Silver)
Part: CA-IM2105B
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   2014-02-15 08:59:44
Reviewed by Gary Zurmuhle from Eagle Point, OR US

The Good:    not much
The Squirrelly:    Power supply did not have a 8 pin power connector, only a 4 pin.
Pro Tip:    do not order this product, unless you have a spare power supply.
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iMicro CA-IM2106B 400W 20+4pin ATX Mid Tower Case (Black/ Silver)
iMicro CA-IM2106B 400W 20+4pin ATX Mid Tower Case (Black/ Silver)
Part: CA-IM2106B
   2011-12-26 18:47:33
Reviewed by Randall L Swingle from Portland, OR US

The Good:    PSU - Has around 70-78% efficiency (which is really good), 2 SATA connectors, 1 4-pin for floppy drives and 4 molex connectors for older hardware and adapters. Don't try to reach the 400 watt capacity because all these kinds of PSU can only handle around 200-250 watts of electricity on average. A 65-100watt processor and a 60-75watt video card is the most you should use when using the PSU. No PCI-E connectors if you want to try and use a fancy Graphics Card. I used an APU to limit the amount of electricity used to prevent overwhelming the PSU. The Case - Came with 16 screws, 6 motherboard standoffs (2 are already installed to help guide microATX users), and 1 speaker connector to test boot (very handy). Both side panels of the case can be removed with easy to use thumb screws, Weighs much less than the 10 lbs marked for shipping weight.
The Squirrelly:    The PSU - PSU seat was bent when it arrived and had to unseat the PSU and readjust it to work properly. It's purly cosmetic damage and didn't affect the PSU at all. SATA Connectors are on the same line. Because of that, your SATA items need to be close to each other to use both plugs. You might need to buy a molex to SATA adapter (which is also very cheap). The Case - weighs like 5-6 lbs. Very light metal used so don't expect it to take a beating. It's very easy to move around if need be, but try and place in an area that can't be in danger (like a cabinet or away from the edge of a table). I/O panel was difficult to remove and had to use heavy duty to remove it. Front Panel Microphone and Headphones aren't the best to use. Your motherboard will more than likely provide better sound but at least the USB slots work great.
Pro Tip:    Because it's lightweight, use low rpm to reduce vibration. Anything below 1200 rpms will be enough to not cause vibrations and you'll be fine in that regard. Try and use 120mm fans when you can since they provide some of the greatest fan flow to noise ratio for a good price. Would truly buy this again for the PSU alone, then for the easy to carry case when I want to travel with it to a friend's house.
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iMicro CA-IM2109B 400W 20+4pin ATX Mid Tower Case (Black)
iMicro CA-IM2109B 400W 20+4pin ATX Mid Tower Case (Black)
Part: CA-IM2109B
0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:
   2012-04-27 11:34:41
Reviewed by Cheesy Ma Neesy from Chico, CA US

The Good:    Cheap with Power Supply.. Looks Good with enough bays for optical drives...
The Squirrelly:    Cheaply made.. Power Supply DOA... case is really flimsy... i'm afraid if i drop it it will collapse.. Not good for long term.. I bought this under 25$ with the coupon code and tried it, but realized it really sucks.. If you want quality don't buy this.. pay for something better.. i regret getting this.. i'm gonna do a give away with this on one of the forums...
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   2012-02-04 04:03:16
Reviewed by JB from Haleyville, AL US

The Good:    This case looks great even though the one I got isn't shiny on the front like in the picture. The side panels are very easy to remove and install. The left side panel has no window but two large vents that you can use to view inside. The power supply is very quiet and seems to work fine. Most of the wires on the 20+4 connector (yellow, orange, red, purple, blue) are the larger 18 awg size. The rest are 20 awg (black, gray, green) except two small 22 awg wires (pink, brown). The sata and molex cables use 20 awg wire. It has a separate power switch on the back of the case by the red voltage selector. The case is very lightweight which I consider a plus since its easy to move. I also like the big blue soft glowing power switch and the smile shaped red hard drive light under the reset button.
The Squirrelly:    If you haven't used a case like this before it can be a little confusing at first. It comes with plastic standoffs and mounts that screw into the case. It also comes with two size screws, the smaller to mount the motherboard and the larger to mount the drives. You first screw the mounts into the holes in the case that line up with the holes in the motherboard. Push the standoffs into any leftover holes in the motherboard that need support. The back panel face plate cut-out is difficult to remove. Most of it is perforated but the sections that aren't will need to be cut or broken by bending with pliers.
Pro Tip:    Use only a small amount of force to screw in the mounts and the correct mounting screws or you will strip the threads in the case. If this happens, use a plastic standoff in that spot and use the mount in a different hole. The mount and screw only need to be snug enough so that they won't come loose. Be careful not to get cut with the thin metal on the back panel and card slots, the rest of the case is safe to handle.
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Vantec CB-ISATAU2 36inch SATA/IDE To USB 2.0 Adapter
Vantec CB-ISATAU2 36inch SATA/IDE To USB 2.0 Adapter
   2010-05-12 07:16:27
Reviewed by Tony Simmons from Littleton, CO US

The Good:    Reliable/works great
The Squirrelly:    None
Pro Tip:    -
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 Good Product!  2008-03-19 18:01:49
Reviewed by Ross from buffalo, NY US

Cheap, fast tranfer, very easy to set up.
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 Great Product  2008-03-14 13:22:23
Reviewed by Ivan from fairbanks, AK US

Connected this to my vista computer with USB2.0. No problems at all. Fast tranfer.
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