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Super Talent 32GB Express ST4 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (MLC)
Super Talent 32GB Express ST4 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (MLC)
Part: ST3U32ST4M
   2013-10-21 20:31:59
Reviewed by Ives Leonidas from Randolph, MA US

The Good:    None
The Squirrelly:    N/A
Pro Tip:    Poorly built, the drive fell apart on the first day of use.
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Super Talent 50GB Express RC8 USB 3.0 Drive (MLC)
Super Talent 50GB Express RC8 USB 3.0 Drive (MLC)
Part: ST3U50GR8S
   2012-11-01 14:59:32
Reviewed by Ron Burnes from Kingsland, TX USA

The Good:    I was more than a little surprised when after almost 6 months, Samuel Chan with SuperTalent contacted me about resolving my issue. After contacting Samuel, I received a UPS shipping label and instructions to return the RC8 so that they could research and find what had gone wrong with this one. Oct 29th, SuperTalent returned my RC8 which was repaired and working well. Took a long time but they finally stepped up to the plate. I appreciate what Samuel and his manager have done to remedy this situation. Had the same procedure been conducted to begin with, I would have had no issues with SuperTalent as I understand new technology can be a little buggy! Now I will see how long it continues to operate. It is an amazing piece of technology and hopefully it will now also become a dependable technology.
The Squirrelly:    None
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   2012-04-16 05:33:26
Reviewed by Ronal Burnes from Kingsland, TX US

The Good:    WARNING! Update! Do not buy!
The Squirrelly:    Received the Rc8 Oct/3/ 2011. First off, this is the fastest thumb drive and totally amazing When it works! January,I could not maintain a stable connection, then it quit being recognized. Rma'd it and took almost a month and several communications to complete. The new one was equally impressive but only lasted about a month - back to rma. Now I have $33 shipping plus the $185 drive. Got it on March 23rd and on the 27th started having issues with the THIRD drive. Plug it in - all the front and rear usb3 ports are knocked out. Usb2 ports still work with my other drives unless I plug RC8 into the usb2 ports then they are knocked out. Compute will not shut down normally and must be forced to shutdown. Front usb3 ports, rear usb3 ports, front usb2 ports, rear usb2 ports - don't matter it can and will disable the usb system and create the shutdown problems. Might work great for most the day then the next few times it crashes.
Pro Tip:    Super Talent has one of the worse product supports I have experienced in my 40 years of messing with computers. Have notified them twice about this last issue and have not recieved any replies.
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   2011-10-06 09:39:37
Reviewed by Ronal B. from Kingsland, TX United States

The Good:    Being the impatient type and addicted to SPEED, I decided to treat myself to the 50gb RC8 SSD flash drive based on my current experience with OCX Vertex 3 hard drives. Love ssd gadgets! Definitely well worth the money and really impressive. Real world backup to the Usb3 RC8 was around 3 times faster than my Usb2 SanDisk Ultra which was the fastest I could find at the time.
The Squirrelly:    Granted, it may be a little pricey but it is a new product which is always higher to start and the quality is excellent with fantastic performance.
Pro Tip:    Excellent product and I would not hesitate to buy another one and probably will.
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Super Talent 256GB Express ST1-2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Super Talent 256GB Express ST1-2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Part: ST3U56S12K
   2015-05-30 08:47:24
Reviewed by LS from San Francisco, CA US

The Good:    Great drive. Using a USB3 bus, it does better than the advertised speed. Here's my CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1x64 results: Sequential: Read=217.1MB/s, Write=130.8MB/s 512k: 162.3, 17.76 4k: 5.445, 0.072 4kQD32: 5.000, 0.042 Formatted as NTFS.
The Squirrelly:    If you want to retract the cover, press the button on the drive.
Pro Tip:    I would buy this again.
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Super Talent 8GB Express Duo USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Super Talent 8GB Express Duo USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Part: ST3U8EDB
   2012-03-28 13:21:41
Reviewed by Anonymous from Haifa, IL

The Good:    FAT32 tested with ATTO Speed on USB 2.0 port : Write up to 20mb/sec , nice Read up to 34mb/sec , we will not see any faster on USB 2.0 Speed on USB 3.0 port : Write up to 20mb/sec , same as USB 2.0 Read up to 68mb/sec , very nice
The Squirrelly:    hmmmm
Pro Tip:    price is ok very nice read speeds on USB 3.0 write speed is ok for 8GB version at this price. I think you can't get better deal then this one.
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   2011-03-10 10:24:53
Reviewed by Anonymous from Centerville, UT US

The Good:    USB 2.0 speed test right out of the package: : "Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 12.9 MByte/s Reading speed: 27.1 MByte/s H2testw v1.4"
The Squirrelly:    Not too bad.
Pro Tip:    Very slim profile.
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   2011-03-09 23:49:03
Reviewed by George Ng from San Jose, CA US

The Good:    Haven't been able to test USB 3.0 speeds but USB 2.0 speeds are easily among the fastest. USBDeview Speed Test: (formatted as exFAT w/ default allocation unit size) Write 12.60 MB/Sec ; Read 27.30 MB/Sec ; Results were taken in Windows 7. I also did an informal stopwatch test to compare actual transfer rates. An 800 MB video file took 60 seconds to transfer to the drive. Transferring back from the drive took 28 seconds. (The computer I'm using to test all this is from the early P4 era, so it's old. Results might be a tad better on a newer machine with faster SATA drives instead of IDE drives.) Can't wait to try USB 3.0.
The Squirrelly:    None.
Pro Tip:    Under hardware policies you can set the drive for "Quick Removal" or "Better Performance" via write caching. However, enabling write caching in my case yielded no noticeable increase in transfer speeds so I switched back to Quick Removal for the convenience. Also, I find using exFAT allows you to effectively squeeze every last drop of space on the drive since exFAT doesn't have as large an overhead as NTFS nor the inadequacies of FAT32 such as the inability to store single files larger than 4 GBs. I currently see 7.32 GB free out of 7.32 GB total as opposed to 7.25 GB free out of 7.32 GB total with NTFS after formatting. The lost space is the result of the larger overhead. This might not bother some people but I need every last byte I can get.
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Super Talent 8GB Express ST2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (MLC)
Super Talent 8GB Express ST2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (MLC)
Part: ST3U8EST2
   2012-04-29 11:42:29
Reviewed by Anonymous from Bloomington, IN US

The Good:    Nicely made drive, reads are very fast.
The Squirrelly:    Writes were about half as fast as advertised. Also, the unformatted size was about 2% less then 8GB. Not a huge deal, but this is the first flash drive I've seen that was undersized.
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Seagate Momentus Thin ST500LT012 500GB 5400RPM SATA2/SATA 3.0 GB/s 16MB Notebook Hard Drive (2.5 inch)
Seagate Momentus Thin ST500LT012 500GB 5400RPM SATA2/SATA 3.0 GB/s 16MB Notebook Hard Drive (2.5 inch)
Part: ST500LT012
   2013-08-08 13:09:55
Reviewed by ubuntuer[geeh1] from green ridge, MO US

The Good:    small,thin, will fit anywhere. speedy little thing.
The Squirrelly:    only show 465 gb ??
Pro Tip:    2.5 mount needed
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Super Talent 16GB Elite Serie CKB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Silver)
Super Talent 16GB Elite Serie CKB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Silver)
   2011-08-21 09:24:57
Reviewed by Anonymous from New Orleans, LA US

The Good:    Looks Durable, Nice design
The Squirrelly:    Won't work on MacBooks. It will not show up on a MacBook if you plug it in directly. It only works for me with a USB extension cable.
Pro Tip:    Great looking product, but won't work with a MacBook.
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Super Talent Pico-A 16GB Swivel Lid USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Super Talent Pico-A 16GB Swivel Lid USB 2.0 Flash Drive
 Fragile?  2009-06-18 07:54:34
Reviewed by Brian Davis from Chicago, IL US

Pros: Decent speed, nice slim design. Cons: The flash drive itself broke off of its swivel within two weeks of buying it! Now I have to hope that it didn't drop somewhere that somebody can find it. The plastic shouldn't be so fragile that it snaps so easily.
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Super Talent Pico-C 16GB Gold Limited Edition USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Super Talent Pico-C 16GB Gold Limited Edition USB 2.0 Flash Drive
   2013-10-10 14:26:03
Reviewed by Timothy Nelson from bullhead city, AZ US

The Good:    Good sturdy and practically unbreakable
The Squirrelly:    Died after a couple years my silver 8GB PICO is still going strong.
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   2010-05-08 20:07:18
Reviewed by Anonymous from Springfield, MO US

The Good:    Never had a problem with this flash drive. Super cool and super convenient.
The Squirrelly:    Be careful. The drive is so small it is easy to forget or lose. Plus it is so dang cool, if found, people are as likely to keep it as they are to give it back.
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   2010-03-01 18:10:33
Reviewed by Anonymous from Dickson City, PA US

The Good:    Looks cool.
The Squirrelly:    Only occasional use. And it takes 1 week for Super Talent to respond to RMA request. Then you have to mail the product to them. Then, at their discretion, they can mail a new one to you -- one that is just as likely to break as the first. Total turnaround time for you to get a working thumb drive again is up to a month. At your expense for mailing. AND you lose your data. Pass on this one -- as cool as it looks.
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Super Talent Pico-C 16GB Nickel Plated USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Super Talent Pico-C 16GB Nickel Plated USB 2.0 Flash Drive
   2010-12-16 18:37:39
Reviewed by Eric from Gainesville, FL US

The Good:    - You can barely see it! - Competitive price, you're not paying much more for the size - The capacity is stunning for the size - No garbage software on it from the factory (No SanDisk junk to remove...) - Comes with a ball chain so you can attach it to anything
The Squirrelly:    - You'll probably leave it somewhere since it's so small - Def does scratch easily, just inserting & removing it from a USB port is enough to scratch the opposite side of the contacts I haven't had it for very long, so I may not know all about it yet.
Pro Tip:    It's a little tight the first time you plug it in!
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   2009-12-17 13:59:52
Reviewed by Anonymous from Manassas, VA US

The Good:    I love this I currently have the 4GB and the 16 GB versions. Small, portable, and great for people on the go.
The Squirrelly:    Get's scratched easily.
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